January 13th, 2003


Note: my fingers hate me with a passion

Today is the day for mass typos. Therefore if I comment on an entry and it makes you go "Muh? This person is an idiot" well... blame it on the fingers!

Have aquired cane (actually that happened Friday, but I'm only now gloating about it). Cane. Puppy. No, I don't have a puppy. I have a cane. It has a dragon on it.

Guess what? I have wonderful news! Three little words:




!!! Instead we have an eighty minute period in which to work on "Wade in de Water". Heehee, lovely. I'll never take one of Mrs. C's exams again! "Ooooh chills de body."

"But not de so-ooo-ooo-ooo-oo-oo-oul!" Fun. Ever so fun. I hope we can pull it together because damn is that song lovely.

Am also feeling depressed and icky (but not really... but really) because I feel like my latest artwork isn't up to snuff. *sniffsobcry* Well... I guess my art class work is okay, but the work I do just for myself isn't good enough and that bothers me. *stabs 'Rock Elijah' picture* Grr. I rip you into pixel shreds.
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diner friends

Cookies? Is that what you crazy kids call them?

Well... scans of art still in progress, anyway. Comments, suggestions, ideas are welcome. Very welcome.

These are both art bunnies that I mentioned earlier... *is actually following the bunnies, heaven help us!*

Lizzie Borden... took an axe and... uh, yeah! This will actually be a t-shirt design when I color it and add text. Would anyone be interested in buying it? It isn't quite the Hot Topic style I was going for, but I like it all the same. Still, I may redo it.

Oh so Emo... and I butchered Elijah, which is why I'm still working with this. There's still something odd about his face, and I think it's the nose/lip area. It looked better when I had that bit penciled in. But I also think he needs his eyes and hair colored in before he starts to look good. Was thinking about this as a t-shirt design too, as I really ought to start using that Cafepress.com store I have. But the drawing cuts off at the mid-thigh and looks weird. Maybe I could stick the text there.

New bunnies:

Leon Czolgosz in similar style to Lizzie- This one I'd definitely put on a t-shirt. And buy it. And wear it EVERY DAY! It could say... um... "I done my duty" or some other thing he said. Lala.

Squirrel with a gun or squirrel with a flute- I can't decide which would be funnier. Of course, if it was squirrel with a flute, it could say "Monster! Very small monster!" on the front and "Get the flute! It's where he gets his power!" on the back. Ooh, I like that. Would the Izzardphiles be into it?

LotR "War is Over"- I know I'm a bit late with the mushy Christmas stuff, but I've been listening to the John Lennon tune and it just seemed so appropriate. Whole cast? Slashy, no slashy? *thinks*

Mucho posties tonight.
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