January 19th, 2003



*stabs computer* Argh, I hate you, hate you, hate you!

I did the best picture I've ever done on oekaki. Ever. Seriously. And it wouldn't let me send it. >___< Whaaaa! Bastards. Which is why I'm posting it now with no lj-cut. Because it is seriously the absolute best thing I've ever churned out of my overactive imagination and you'll just have to deal with it.

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night/take these broken wings and learn to fly/All your life/ you were only waiting for this moment to arrive."

I love the way his spine came out, for some stupid reason. Fucking hell, have I ever gotten better this sort of thing. I rather enjoy it.

Me? Modest? Oh, nononono.

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diner friends


I just saw Chicago! *bounces* Phwee! And squee! And that was seriously the best musical on the big screen I have ever seen. Ever. *sighs* Oh man. I totally want to do either "When You're Good to Mama" (Queen Latifah! *dies* Gorgeous!) or "All That Jazz" (Catherine Zeta-Jones! *dies again*) for Pops. Like... buy a pinstriped three piece suit and...

Oh come on. You know it'd be cool.

And "Cell Block Tango"! Ahhhhh! *diesdiesdiesisdead* That is one of my favorite songs and they made it into one of the fucking sexiest things ever. I mean... guh? So gorgeous.

And Richard Gere made an awesome Billy Flynn, I thought. Seriously. His tapdancing was damn sexy. For some silly reason. Though I still contend that Pietro is Billy Flynn in disguise (work with me, huh? I still have an Evo bunny lying around for an Evo/Chicago fic. For many good reasons).

And I have Roxie Hart hair! :D Not sweet-innocent-Roxie, but sultry-Roxie. With the bouncy curls thing. Really. Except mine is red. And Roxie's hair should be red, dammit.

"Are you sorry?"
"Are you kiddin'?"

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Oh... and I have done it...

I have created The Soprano Anti-Defamation League! *bwahahaha!*


Go! Please? Fly my pretties! And jooooooin, so I'm not the only soprano dork there. ^^;;; Which I am right now. So... rectify. And recommend us to all your friends.
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