January 24th, 2003


So... yes. Or no.

This is beautiful. And you can apply it to any fandom you choose, really.

Because you know what? I just don't have an opinion anymore. Well, I do... I just don't feel compelled to try to prove it anymore. That's the ticket. Because honestly... I'm all enamoured with RPS right now and it'd be just egotistical to write about why something should or should not be in these people's lives. I have too much spare time already, obviously, which I use up writing about fantasies... I don't need to clutter it up with pretentiousness. Right?

This, of course, does not apply to my political affiliations. Only fannish type things. Because I'm the most conservative person in my Public Speaking II class. *rolls eyes* Stupid liberal Democrats. And they all look at me with wide eyes. "Stephanie? You? Conservative? ... aren't you a lesbian?"

Oh shut up. There's more to conservatives than oppressing minorities. There's the anti-altruism... which is mostly libertarian... which means...


So yes. But don't the rest of you stop arguing and proving things and blah, blah, blah. Because I do still enjoy reading these things and shaking my head yes or no and making crazy facial expressions. Because you're all weird and I'm not. :D

And now maybe I'll go pack as I am technically supposed to be doing since I'm not at school because I'm still hacking up great green globs of greasy grimy gopher guts. And maybe tonight I'll do everything I've been meaning to do, which includes responding to maaaaaany things that I have not yet. Arr.
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