January 28th, 2003

fuck you

Liberal Democrats are so annoying...

>_______< ARRRRRHGH!


Look. You can't force people to like people. And forcing people to accept other people through gay rights and affirmative action and whatever the fuck else you have going is a violation of freedoms. THE FREEDOM OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE TO DO THE LIKING!!!

Fucking hell. Just because I refuse to be cuddly and fuzzy and say 'everyone love each other NOW', I'm suddenly evil? Just because I believe a private organization has the right to reject whomever they please? If the Boy Scouts want to keep gays out, fine... let 'em. Just don't give them any more government funding. If a company wants to hire only blacks or only whites or only Native Americans, fine. Again, capitalism. Hiring whomever they feel is strongest for the job. And if a company thinks only a white male can do it FINE. Find work somewhere else. DON'T BITCH. DON"T COMPLAIN. YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM TO WORK ANYWHERE AND OTHER PEOPLE HAVE THE FREEDOM TO TURN YOU DOWN. Deal with it.

If I was fired for being gay, I'd be angry. Sure. Who wouldn't? But if I was fired because the company has a strong Christian policy and deems homosexuality to be against their religious policy, I would hope I'd be strong enough to recognize their freedom in doing this and go and look for another job. Not sue. Not try to drag the government into this.

It's your right to be gay. It's also your right to deal with the reality of it. You have the freedom not to be physically assaulted because of this, but non-violent discrimination and violent discrimination are not the same things and you can't group them as such! You just can't. Arrgh.

Actually, I consider race to be quite a different story in many ways. Because you're definitely born black. You may or may not be born gay.

I'm not warm and fuzzy. I'm mean. And when I start paying taxes regularly (as opposed to just having them funneled out of my paycheck) I'd really rather not pay for policies I don't agree with.

I don't support the KKK, but the ACLU does. Think about that. From Stephanie the fledgling lesbian.

Also... don't you hate it when you do something good (like losing fifteen pounds) and then you're told no, no, no it's not enough! GRAH!
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