February 5th, 2003


Lyrics spam...

I feel like this song right now.

Eve 6- Open Road Song

Tonight I feel ambitious and so does my foot as it sinks on the pedal
I press it to the floor
I don't need a girl don't need a friend
My friend lonesome's unconditional
We're flying forever bored
And for a moment I love everything I see and think and feel
I love my broken side view mirror
Cause it's so perfect
I'm so perfect
you're so perfect
you're not here
I hear the change in gears
My pile shakes as I hit eighty on the open road
This is an open road song
The night is beckoning although I have nowhere to go but home
Feels good to be alone
With every turn comes a new frame of mind
if I could frame my mind where would it hang
I crack a window and feel the cool air cleanse my every pore as I pour my poor heart out
To a radio song that's patient and willing
My volume drowns it out
But that's O.K. cause I sound better than him anyway any day
yeah my voice is sweet as salt
I search for comfort and I find it where I've found it many times before
Times before can be forgotten
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I wrote this poem....

While driving to school today. Maybe it's only a fragment of a larger poem. I'm not quite sure.

I sit in the driver's seat,
trying to decide whether I want
to view this light and dark world
through the dot matrix of a pointilist painting
or through the smeary incandescence
of an impressionist's eyes,
and flip my windshield wipers accordingly.

It's snowing. And I'm still singing "Open Road Song" in my head. Not that the road is particularly open, not right now. But it's... I don't know. Nice and comforting.

Wrote some more last night. A couple paragraphs of "Genesis 1", which is almost finished and then a small section of this fic I'm doing that is structured around this. Because, you know... I can't think for myself. Haha. Funny.

"My anti-drug is suicide!" Love you lulu.

Oh, fuck you librarian person. I don't do anything destructive, so leave me alone.
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diner friends

I WILL NOT SLEEP TONIGHT! Cuzzzz... I dun wanna.

Well... I just spent the past two hours watching Strong Bad emails. I hope you all realize how incredibly amusing those are. You know... the way my father doesn't.

"We had that lightswitch installed for you so you could turn the lights on and off. Not so you could throw lightswitch raves!"

"... the Internet is a place where absolutely nothing happens. You need to take advantage of that... and who knows? Maybe tomorrow you'll be really big in Pakistan. Or... at least with some guy named Stan."

"So I got a lotta eggs. And I keep 'em in the couch."
"There needs to be a better word for 'weird'."

Also... Really cool Viggo story. It'll make you go 'guh'.

There's already a user called "thecheat". *pouts* And "cheatachu"! Both taken! Hmm.

Oh, by the way... I have a journal called "iamadoughnut" up for grabs... y'know, if anyone has a burning desire for that name. I was sad. "IchbineinBerliner" wouldn't fit.

"Cheatspeak" is free. Hmmm.
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