February 8th, 2003


I wish I never needed to sleep...

Subject says it all, yo.

Solo and Ensemble today. Haha. We'll see how that goes, won't we?

And today is the last day of the play. Uh... yeah. It kind of bothers me that the positive comments I'm getting are starting to blur together into a big mish-mash. Although... Mr. R. asked if I was supposed to be Katherine Hepburn and that just about made my day. 'Cause I sure wouldn't mind being Katherine Hepburn.

I drove over a curb last night. And curse my fucking gas tank opening thing... because it wouldn't! Nooooo... all frozen or some such shit. And I need gas.

Waaaaant to draw... and write... about pretty boys. Ugh. "Pie Jesu".
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    Something... Eve 6. I don't want to change the cd. Ever.

"Maybe it's destiny, then again... maybe it's not. I don't know."

Well. I have the big computer back, mostly so that my father could say, "Now get online and fill out two college applications! Go!"

See... it isn't motivation that's the problem (well... it's only part of the problem). It's not knowing how to do the bloody things.

My fondest dream is to have a college tell me "Yeah, okay. You can come to our school. And we'll pay for tuition. And everything. Mmkay?"

Which... technically, Kent State would probably do. And maybe it'd be good to go there for a year or two and then transfer. But I don't know!!! Arrrgh! Decisions bad!

Ooh... I have Winamp back! And mp3s too! Much with the lovin'. And I can't scan any recent drawings, but can go doodle on oekaki.

I just need some ideas. >__> Suggestions welcome!

And dammit... I want this like mad crazy boots. Though The Cheat t-shirt is looking neat too.
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    Aha - Take on Me (w/ Strong Bad in the background)