February 9th, 2003


Muh. Sigh.

Probably got a II on solo... don't know for sure, but am betting on it. Because I actually managed to start off on the wrong note. Not entirely my fault... the room had a keyboard instead of an actual piano and its sustain pedal was broken. So when she played my first chord, I couldn't hear my note. So I just guessed. And guessed wrong. I got right back on track, but that first note, I'm sure, earned me a two. At best. Le sigh.

Play is over. Okay. Didn't go to cast party because... I was just sick of certain people and the last party I went to was so lame. And I got in trouble as soon as I got home, so I decided I just didn't want that aggravation again. I went home instead, washed my hair, and tooled around on my website for a few hours.

Oh, sigh. Just sigh, sigh, sigh. I still have to write my English paper.

Why do I not fit in with other people? I'm always on a fringe. Why is that? It bothers me. Not that I really want to be social. I guess it just bothers me that I've never had the experience of being in an "inner circle" of friends. And no matter how much I do with other people, how many steps I think I take to overcoming my fear and distrust of other people, I never reach a place where I'm comfortable.
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Wow. Today kinda sucked.

So... I'm doing my own laundry. *wubblewubble* Ph34r m3! Worthless human peasents! Except that I really suck at it. Um... so, yeah. Watch all my clothes not fit after this.

Next up: solving the mystery of why there are two butter knives on top of the dryer. Lined up. Parallel to one another.

Or maybe I'll write my English paper. Yuck.

Like my icon? Yeeeeeees? Cutie bird-angel thing.
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I hope somebody takes pity on me and my idiocy...

Okay. *thinks* Okay. There are these really super-pretty pictures of Elijah Wood in a grey shirt with a red Adidas logo on the front, right? And... And you can get all the portraits at... uh... place. Bagendinn.com. Right.

But those pictures of him wearing that shirt... but sitting on the couch. On the couch. Right? Can't find them. But I know I saw them when I was surfing on the laptop and couldn't save. I know I did. Did someone post them or something?

Once again this task of finding these stupid pictures is keeping me from my homework.

for the love of god feed my anal retentiveness arr arr arr before i fail english arrrrrrr

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It's like being drunk... without the alcohol. Best kind of drunk cause there ain't no hangover in the morning.

... Helllllllllllllllloo cream soda!!! I need a cigarette.
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