February 10th, 2003


Uh... yeah. Totally. Word.

So I got a II on my solo. I told you. Meh.

I want to go home. Mmm. Home. It shall come, my preciousssss. It shall come.

I didn't even get dressed in real clothes today. Just threw my sweatshirt over my pjs. Which means that I look ever so stylish. No, really... I just look scummy. But oh so soft and FLUFFY!

No, really.

Still have yet to find pretty Elijah-couch pictures. *whimpers* No one took pity on my idiocy. Kinda sad because... come on. I'm really stupid. And hungry.
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Feed to me the yummy, yet freaky slash fanfic...

Has anyone out there in this great, wide world of ours written Dead Ringers slash, twincest-y fiction? I'm watching the movie right now and am slightly befuddled, but still... Jeremy on Jeremy love, yes? Can't go wrong with that, as fucked up as it is.

I just want to hug him. Both of him. The drug-addict and the Dracula. Especially when he's all sad and crazy and hugging his knees and rocking back and forth. Aww. Baby Brother. God. Such an amzing actor.

So pitiful... Jesus, so pitiful. "Ellie... Ellie... Ellie..." *sobs*

Well, fuck.
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If you want something done, do it your own damn self...

Haha. So I wrote some Dead Ringers fic. In, like, ten minutes. Seriously. I doubt it means anything profound, but it sure is vulgar. And... probably offensive to someone. But mmm. Jeremy.

Do I get to have the first DR fic? Do I, do I, do I?

I think this is the best first paragraph I've ever written. Seriously. In a not-so-serious way.

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