February 14th, 2003


Can you see me? Something, something, something song I really don't know.

Uh... my home computer est very very bad. It decided to do... something bad that made the Internet connection go bye-bye. So I have to restart it, but I don't want to because I'll lose stuff.

Ugh. Pep rally today. *skipskip* Haha. Car good. Now if I can just make it out of the building.

I'm still carrying around Elijah because I accidentally left him in my locker last night. And... yes. So, another day of strategic Elijah Wood mongering. I have no idea what that means. But I do know that Heart of Darkness has suddenly become more interesting now that we've met the blue-eyed, boyish, twenty-five year old, Russian explorer-type who races around fawning over Kurtz (means 'short' in German. Significant?) and wears clothes with patches sewn on that make him look like a 'harlequin'. I have just found my new favorite character. Of, like, ever. Teach Elijah to speak with a Russian accent, and that role would be his. I think. Not that they'd ever make a serious movie version of HoD (aside from Apocalypse Now, yeah, yeah... which is based on HoD. I mean one set in Africa. With a giant budget).

And we've come to the severed heads on poles. ON POLES! PO-O-O-O-O-LESSSSZZZZZ! Lovely.

Kinda sad, aren't I? If it keeps me interested... *anxiously awaits The Metamorphosis because Kafka is weird as fuck*
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"When is a war a 'good war'? When the status quo is worse." - Tarek Ben Halim, as found in the Akron Beacon Journal.

And that's it. Finito. Back to the shallowness of my everyday life. I'm sorry, much of this was meant to be posted last night, but Internet went pfuh.

I bought the ugliest pair of shoes today... er... yesterday! I love them so. They're too big, but I don't care. I coveted. Gabriel Brothers rocks my socks off. Oh, but they're so ugly. Brown with little orange stripes and a funky square toe. Apparently they were designed in Italy and made in Germany. To be ugly. I adore them. I'm starting a collection of purely ugly shoes.

So, armed with my cheesy YM magazine today (yesterday), I faced the challenges of calculus (and got a 30/36, which isn't too bad). And then left the damn thing at school along with my Darren Shan book (which I have since finished). Damn. Um. Yeah. And why do people assume that I bought the mag for Orlando Bloom? *irritated* First... it was free. So I didn't buy it at all. Second... Um. Yeah. Or rather... no. Amrita pointed to the tinytiny picture of Orlando on the cover and said "You bought it for him, right?"

Me: No. *points to 'Lijah* For him.
Her: ... Oh.

Okay, so sometimes he's a dip. But he's still cute. And... really, really skinny. Kind of like Greg L. Who is either anorexic, on drugs, or having severe metabolism problems.

Speaking of dips... I am one (and so is Kitty!). Yeah. And I'm getting kind of tired of being called a lesbian by Jamie. Trueness factor ignored.

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diner friends

Sing it with me, now...

"Stephanie... bought some kiwis and a starfruit... (bumbum) Why is it... that every time she goes to Tops... it is to buy exotic fruit... like MANGOES?!"

What? Shut up. And I also bought LotR shiny valentines. Which is stupid, as Valentine's Day is coming to a close, and I have no one to give them too. anyone want a shiny valentine? Actually, Caroline already gave me an Aragorn one, and I thought that was so sweet. We don't know each other well, but we babble about Aragorn in English class. The message on the card says "Great things are coming your way" or something and I immediately thought "Still not king..."

Sadly no one else there had seen the VSDs. Sigh.

And I bought Pet Sematary, which was arguably an extravagent waste of nine dollars, as I already have two copies. But Mr. King wrote a new intro in which he describes where the story came from. I liked it. So I bought it.

And... uh... oh! We rented Scotland PA, The Bumblebee Flies Anyway, and Black and White. I'm sure you can guess why for the last two (mmm, hell is so nice and toasty), but I've been wanting to see SPA for awhile... it's the movie based on Macbeth but set in a fast food chain restaurant. And... hee! Christopher Walken! I'm excited.
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