February 24th, 2003



I hate school.

Watch me get eaten alive.

How to explain this latest episode of inattendance? Me expects the truth. *sigh*

"Sorry, I got into a fight with giant mutant grasshopper ninjas from outer space and their poisonous venom had me laid up for a few days."
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    The White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl

Give to me some... food.

Bored, bored, bored with all of school. And I assure you that I do not want to write an essay about a close reading of a passage from Heart of Darkness.

Oooh, Chipotle's after school. Yes, my darlings. It's giant burrito time!

I need to take my antibiotics. Left thigh is now the problem. Shift of thighs. Pain! Mrs. Atkins liked Lucifer drawing, but everyone kinda made fun of Blackbird. >__> But... but! He's my baby (back ribs). Rawr. But they might get submitted to art show, so yay. Jamie is being nice and printing them out for me... and possibly giving me a fractal painter program which would be amazing. He was, however, very surprised and displeased that I was using (of all things) a Java applet to draw on. :D So I had to promise to do something hi-res in Photoshop for him.

I don't know what yet. Suggestions welcome.

I want my scanner back, yo. And I want time to draw. NOT, like, five pages of Calculus to do. Yarr. >__> Ought to do some Latin.
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    "... between Gaius Julius Caesar and Aurelia..." blahblah

"I think the world would be better off if I never wrote another word. No, wait, not me, you."

*dies laughing* And... and... yeah. Laugh out loud hysterics for fanfic writers.

Owwww... headache. And I really want to work on the contrelamontre challenge for this week. Because! *shhhhh* Pet Sematary fic idea, yes? Am excited. But head hurts.

My collection of pills is tremendous. I means seriously. Is this a depression thing, or a hypochondria thing? One has to wonder.

Strong Bad email ruled today! I wish I could get Strong Bad to write my Englilsh paper. *snerk* But nooooooo! Don't reduce The Cheat's allowance! I luff The Cheat.

Um... still trying to think of something to draw for Jamie. Well, for me... but to please Jamie too. >_< And I don't feel like just t00bin' around until something pops up. I want a damn idea.

Is it dumb that I almost cried in the car this morning when this song came on? It makes me feel sappy and lovey. *sighs* "I'd do anything just to fall asleep with you. Will you remember me? 'Cause I know I won't forget you."

"Somehow, I can't put you in the past." This fits for a lot of people I've met. Makes me think of Ryan, Jen, Sara, Jess and many of the other people I've reluctantly let go. Because sometimes something totally innocuous reminds me of them. Spiky hair and quinndaddy and Leon, Elvis and raquetball, "The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of..." and 1x3, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and movie nights during school dances. And I want to laugh and cry at the same time. I miss them all so much.

You hear that, you bastards? If you're out there, come back to me. Talk to me. Just once more.
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