February 26th, 2003


Morning breath...

There's a really weird taste in my mouth.

Poetry challenge still stands. Show me some luv, people. Unless, of course, you're too tired or lazy. :P Or busy. Cause I totally understand. Totally.

Think I pissed off Jamie last night. Heh. Must thank him profusely if he actually prints them out for me.

I want a pocket-sized Frodo. The same way I have a pocket-sized Pietro. Only I don't think Frodo would be able to wear my shoes. But I could still feed him candy. And he could angst and angst and I'd pet him. Whee!
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This means something.

Seriously. It has to. okay, maybe not. But still.

Viggo and Karl

Oh. My. God. At least zip up after discreet hallway wanks. Or something. Teehee. *is immensely pleased over something so inherently silly* My maturity level is through the roof, yo.

Oh, and I have a new AIM addy, even if the lulu hates it. :D It's roondaboot. What does it mean? Um... not a lot. It's really just me poking fun at the Scottish. Because if you've ever heard someone with a Scottish accent say "roundabout", that's what it sounds like. Go on, try it. It's fun!. Mostly I just got it because the DScull264 addy (which still exists, by the way) is such a relic. Like... six years old or something. Feel free to chat with me, as it feels so empty.

Um... second place in school newspaper art contest. Lauren said it was close between mine and some other girl's for first. And then Austin was asking how big the original was. And I said, "Well, how big is the file on the computer?" And he was like, "What?" And I was like, "Well, that is the original. I did it all on the computer." And he said, "Really? I thought you painted it and scanned it or something." Which explains why everyone was so curious about the medium. Photoshop... and oekaki.

Jamie did not print those pictures out, by the way, but he did burn me a cd with Painter, and the newest version of Photoshop, and many other things that I don't remember. *sparkly eyes* And, apparently, porn as well. >__> Bastard went on my website. He said, "That one picture with the girl taking it up the ass... that scared me, Stephanie. I have a whole new perspective on you."

And I said, "It wasn't a girl." :D Hehehehe.
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Poem about WAR!

So... I hate to be like "Ooh, I was inspired by Viggo, lalala." But if I hadn't read his... thingy, then I never would have written this. Might have been a good thing. Much love to Viggo anyway, as he has nothing to do with my sucky poetry. :D And my cold-hearted and callous deadpan, which eats away at my very sooooooouuuuul.

Ending is true, by the way. That really happened. Don'tcha just love public schools traumatizing small children?

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My bio for the Poets Against the War site:

Artist, libertarian, and literature enthusiast whose potential has been sapped by the public school system. She enjoys saying the words 'pulchritudinous' and 'ermine' and wrote this poem while she should have been translating "Jason and the Argonauts."

Because I like it, if not the public schools. *HATE*
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