February 27th, 2003


More news that probably doesn't quite qualify as interesting.

I'm pretending school doesn't exist. I'm pretending I live in a bubble. Lalala, can't hear you.

So I was downtown today after school because I was bored. Just checking out how Spellbinders in doing in their new locale (the old TCP theatre! Ahhh! So weird!) and other things. Walking down the sidewalk, thinking about something silly. Squinting a bit. Nice older gentleman passes me and said "Well, that's something you don't see everyday: a smiling redhead."

Then I really smiled. Hee.

Oh! And consignment store! Downtown! I was just recently mourning the loss of Main Montage however many years ago and I discover that, hey, there's a new place down there called Einstein's Closet (I think). 'Tis cool. 'Tis where bead store used to be. *misses Autie M's* I bought a fireman/paramedic shirt which is rather big on me. Mm. Wanted an army jacket but... cursed breasts prevent buttoning! Very sad. Shirt smells like store however. Mmmm, good smell. They have a Waterloo letterman's jacket from 1979 there for $18 that I waaaaant. And lots of hats, but none that fit me right.

Switched some icons. May switch another. Like Frodo? Stole him from the fucking funniest LotR parodies ever. And more. Puppets rule. Still making these, by the way, but like this one best.

Ah yes. And added new friends. *shy waving* Hope it's okay...
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Young, dumb, and ugly...

I'm staring at my face in the reflection in the monitor. It makes me look thin(ner), haggard, and really super deep eye-socketed. I hope this is just a lighting thing. I look ill.

English paper is... bad. very bad. Extremely bad. New art portfolio assignment may redeem me. Draw Barbie! Whee.

Dangit. I wish I'd made the Elijah Kitty-Yawn icon last night because... I want to make it right now. Fuuuuuuuck. Where does he get off being so cute?

Oh... I discovered I could buy myself a Pocket-Frodo. But... it's kinda ugly, so maybe I'd be better off holding out for an action figure-doll thing. Or just make my own. That'd be interesting. *hasn't sewn in years* Should make myself a puppet. >__>
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I'm so tired!!!

Hence this new icon. Had to get rid of my Remus!Sigh in order to use it, though, which is a bit sad. *waaaaant permanent account* I ought to join the icon addicts community. Because I am.

He looks like a kitty! Look! Look! Kitty! *far too pleased*

I have an abominable case of senioritis. Seriously awful. I mean, I've always been deplorably lazy but now... it's morphed into downright apathy. I actually don't mind going to school in the morning, it's the work that I can't stand. See? Lazy.

God, today was surreal. Saw a car accident happen this morning. For a moment I was just shocked, hands over mouth, that sort of thing. Then the one guy gets out of his car and starts to pick up the pieces of the front of this woman's car... and I started laaaaaauuuughing. It's not really that funny. But I was dying at the time. Besides, it was only fender-benderish. I don't think anyone was hurt. That would have been a different story.

And the rest of the day has followed in a similar vein. Like watching an accident happen in slow motion. *shrugs and goes to look for some slashy porn*
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What am I doing? >__>

Man does this song bring back memories. Yeesh. As does browsing some of the old Gundam Wing sites. Weird.

Yeah, okay. I'm redownloading all the anime songs I lost during the great computer crash of old.

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To add to the surreal feelings of today:

Fred Rogers died, as I'm sure most everyone knows already. That's... a big blow. When I was very young, my grandfather was living with us. We both thought Mr. Rogers lived across the street.

Another little piece of my childhood shattered.

And then... some very nice person out there bought me six more months of a paid account. I...uh... I... *stammerblush* Thanks? ... Who are you? I love you already.

This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
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