March 5th, 2003


Morituri Nolumus Mori

I'm profoundly bored. With everything.

That's pleasant.

Stayed up all last night making this journal layout to please the lulu. However, like the one for this journal here, it probably only works right if you're using IE and are set to the 1024x7-whateverthefuck resolution.

Remus is such an angsty little bugger.

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My confusion knows no bounds...

For our public speaking formal panel discussion (yes, I'm panel leader again *grins*) my group is discussing the draft. I'm handling solutions and talking about repealing the draft altogether. The problem is... research. Can anyone think of some good research or a good site that talks about how the draft should be handled in America with the possible upcoming war? should i just pay a visit to the libertarian party website?

See, all the research and arguments against the draft are extremely outdated. As in, the authors do not seriously expect us to ever have to go to war and to need to amass troops quickly, which is really the main point of having a draft. So while their arguments were pertinent, um... three to eight years ago, they don't quite work right at the moment.

So... I'm not sure what kind of information I have to show for my lethargic searching.

School psychologist person thinks my having ADD may not be as far off the mark as we thought five years ago. Hmm.

Mum bought Night Watch! With the Vimes and the Vetinari and the V/V possibilities! Whee! I'm very pleased for her.
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