March 6th, 2003

diner friends

Pros to falling down stairs

Large blue-purple bruise on ass.

Wait. That might be a con. Damn.

*squees* MommyIloveyoueeeeeee! Am now proud owner of a pretty red journal that says "There and Back Again" on the cover and Swimming to Cambodia by Spaulding Gray. Which makes me paranoid, because I'm not sure where Monster in a Box is. Though I knew before we moved. *frustration*

Anyway. Pleased. Despite pain in shin and ass. Which kinda make sitting and standing... painful. Argh. DON'T FALL DOWN THE STAIRS ANYMORE, DUMBASS!

Bouncy this morning...

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More about the draft...

Except that it's mostly moral positions and blahblahblah. Libertarian party is vehemently opposed to draft, of course. But there don't seem to be many statistics of effectiveness available, aside from the vague number of people who dodged the draft for Vietnam, etc.

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Am starting to think I really am invisible. *hums under breath* "Mr. Cellophane... shoulda been my name... 'cause you can look right through me, walk right by me, and never know I'm there."
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So... I am a complete and utter failure...

Did you know that to integrate (or maybe find the derivative. I think this just cements my failure) e to a power, you have to multiply the derivative of the exponent by the original function?

Yes. This means that I failed my math quiz. One of them. I'm holding out hope for the second.

I want to draw. I'm feeling very positive about the Frodo picture I'm doing for the 5000 hits happy picture. It's more of a challenge for me because it involves three different depths: Ring in foreground, Frodo's hand, and then Frodo's face. :D I get to try to make the Ring look out of focus! Go me! Maybe. I'm liking Painter more and more, despite the fact that I still can't find an eraser. >__>

Um... actually becoming active in lulu's HP RPG. As Remus. Duh. And I've commandeered Oliver as well. So now... we need... Percy. Or Marcus. *hops up and down with the slash-happy* Another journal layout to play about with! And I'm still making Remus icons, so that's keeping me busy.

Awwww... shit. I have to do my art homework tonight. Damn.

Semper est semper semper. I think that's just nonsense. Always is always always.

Semper ubi sub ubi. Which is just a bad joke.
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