March 10th, 2003


Math homework? What math homework?

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By the way... The Metamorphosis? Hysterical. I just couldn't stop giggling at the image of this giant bug trying to open a door. I just keep picturing a bug in a hat. With a briefcase. It made me so happy last night, while ignoring people and being an all around bitch.
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I managed to fail both a math test and an English essay assessment.

I hate me.
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I have discovered my calling in life.

And it is the most impractical calling ever.

I want to make dolls. Not baby dolls, but artistic dolls. That border on sculpture. I saw this book all about doll-making in Jo-Ann Fabrics. I covet. The dolls pictured in it were amazing, detailed, breathtaking. Little mini humans.

And yet... I am crap at sculpture. Only marginally better at sewing. My talent (what little I actually possess) is more focused on 2-D stuff. And to a lesser extent, design. *muses* Maybe I could design dolls and other people could build them. Except that I still want to build them myself. *selfish and controlling*

Am still making Frodo doll. Hair is a problem. He is a plushie, by the way. So no whining from the peanut gallery.

And today I met the (American) voice actor for Tai on Digimon. :D Squeeeeeeee! He's cute. Arrogant, but cute. Joshua Seth? Is that his name? He went to my high school long ago. And was in choir. Hee.

Oh, holy shit. New Everclear album tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! *dies from the happy*

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