March 11th, 2003



*bouncebouncebounce* Everclearalbumalbumalbumalbumwheeeeeeeeeeeee!

I'm going to get gas after school. Then I'm going to drive a million miles to Best Buy (and Michael's) and buy Slow Motion Daydream! :D And possibly more doll hair. Wavy doll hair. Curly doll hair worries me.

But! Slow Motion Daydream! Eeeeee! Amy already has it, but she got it at Time Traveler's and it's all scratched up. *sad* And they won't let her return it! But it is pretty. Muchly pretty. The design is more subdued than those of their other cds. I like it. And in celebration, after I listen to the new album, I will listen to all my other Everclear cds. *is a dork* "I heard a po-lice-man say 'Just another overdose.' Just another overdose!"

"I can hear them talking in the real world, but I'm happy in hell with my heroin girl."

And we listened to The Police today in art. So now I have them stuck in my head as well. and why do I have a B in nutrition and the athelete? yarrrrr, ya fuckwads
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The best way to annoy your English teacher...

Sing "C'mon and get in the boat FISH!" at the top of your lungs while pantomiming dancing around with two very large stuffed fish.

"C'mon and get in my house LADIES. C'mon and get in my house GIRLSGIRLS!"

And then, one minute before the bell is going to ring, begin counting down the seconds on your fingers.

May be in a play called "Picasso's Women"? Muh? I don't know yet. Don't even know about tryouts. But serious adult play would be fun. Whee.

By the way... why do I have a sudden crush on Adrien Brody? >__> Where did this come from? he's tall and thin and pretty pretty with a BIG NOSE
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