March 13th, 2003

fuck you

Even the Center For Military Readiness doesn't want the draft...

Ken can go fuck himself on a brass-plated spoon with a nipple for all I care. :D Lord, I hate that boy. In the middle of our discussion in class when I didn't call on him because we HAD TO MOVE ON, he utters this HUGE, LOUD SIGH to express how WRONGED HE HAS BEEN BY ME.

Not like he would have said anything interesting anyway.

Owwwwww, paper cut on finger. Took National Latin Exam. Probably did poorly. Oh well. Heeeeeeey, maybe I'll finish reading about GREGOR SAMSA! *bouncebounce*
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No, wait. Don't. Well, don't touch me. Because... ewwwwwww. Yucky other people.

Which member of the Homestar Runner gang are you?

:D But of course! "The Cheat... is grounded!"

This song has inspired a smarmy, but actually maybe possibly in character Frodo/Sam... thing. Mmmm. It smells so good that I really want to write it, yo. I mean... really.

Speaking of fics... (oh, were we?) read this. If, of course, you can stomach Harry Potter, incest, homosexuality, AND necrophilia. Oh boy. But it's good. Really good. I admire this person for being able to write something so positively disgusting and write it well.

Guess how I found it? Yes, through fandom_wank. Proving that they may be good for something. Possibly.

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Three very simple words...




I am so frustrated! Why can't I just do something simple? Like my art homework?

*me trying to do my art homework* Ladeeda... okay... gonna sit down and do this now... here I go. Wait! It'd work better if I had the drawing board! *goes downstairs to get drawing board* Hey... that thing in N&A said I don't get enough fruits or dairy. I could have an apple and a cheese sandwich! Okay! *gets food; eats* Okay... now I'm really going to start. I'm going to--hey! My toenails are really long! I'd better cut them! *cuts and then manages to draw for fifteen minutes* Hey... what was that part in Pet Sematary where he said...? *must look up what he said*

And then I'm distracted for another twenty minutes until I can tell myself to do a little bit more work. *does a little bit more*

*is distracted AGAIN, and this journal entry is proof*

AHH! Why can't I just DO THIS?????? >____>
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