March 24th, 2003


Once again, must go fastfastfast

Am now in Rome! Exclamation point! Have seen... er... many Roman things. Feet are very tired. Saw what I think was an anti-war protest (among other things) and am now in possession of an anarchy t-shirt and a PACE flag. Pah-Che. It's lovely.

Also saw a bone... church... thing. I have postcards. It's very hard to describe, but it was amazing. BONES! Making up like... these religious sculptures. Very interesting to me. Other people a little more disgusted. But I liked quite a bit.

Have also seen the erotic art of Pompeii and can now die happy. As I have seen a sculpture featuring the forest god Pan making it with a goat. Apparently the only thing that god wouldn't have a physical relationship with was the hermaphrodite. Hmmm...

Oh! And I screamed in a pizza parlor when I saw that Adrien Brody won best actor. :D Everyone was like "Stephanie! Stupid American!" But I was pleased...

Grooooooovin' and hungry for pasta.... But still haven't found Elijah!Vogue! May just try to find on ebay or something...
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