March 30th, 2003


This is wrong.

This is wronger than wrong.

Allow me to explain somewhat. Let us begin with my current fascination with LotR. Very easy. Quite simply, it is there.

Now, let us move to The Library of Moria. More specifically, let us move to the Archivist's Challenges page. Let us look at the second challenge for April:

"Darkfic: Dark, depressing themes, possibly delving into horror, and usually with an unhappy ending."

Since approximately three-quarters of my fic already falls casually into this category, I was appropriately excited by this challenge.

And what does my delightful little brain dredge up? Something that, while disturbing in its own right, is simply a long, drawn-out angst fest and not something that could be called horror or darkfic, really (See, when I think in terms of my own darkfic, Thriller strikes me as being the quintessential fic of mine for this kind of mood, even with the 'happy ending.' Of The End is another prominent one, though it isn't finished and may never be. Like A Magnet, definitely. And Metaphorical Menstruation gains points for excessive gore and subject matter, despite a vaguely happy ending.)

Sigh. I know I have a month to think about this, but still. I want to have the idea now so I can flesh it out a bit and give myself the time I need to procrastinate.

Collapse )

*rereads* Wow, that's just bad. *metaphorically tosses in garbage* Arrrgh! Where did the darkfic muse go? In my goddamned hour of need!
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