March 31st, 2003


Am making a website...

In celebration of the fact that I have now aquired the geocities name "ratpr0n." For... what else? Ratpr0n. Or... uh... Willard fic and art and pretty pictures. In other words, plenty of Socrates/Willard/Ben triangles and Willard!Torture and Angst.

My rulingness knows no bounds.

Speaking of ratties and lovely Crispin Glover (yes, we were), this would be a neat birthday present. As in, my birthday. Which is in less than two months. I'll be turning the big ONE EIGHT. Hehe. *wuv*

My maturity also knows no bounds.

Still trying to find unhappy LotR fic deep within the recesses of my brain.
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I am so productive!

And hyper! And I got, like, five hours of sleep last night! :D :D :D I woke up at four in the morning and drifted in and out for two and a half hours! I dunno if I'm getting more done, but I'm definitely more energetic and chatty and... uh... ditzy. On Adderall.

Stupid Amy went to an American Hi-Fi concert, I know she did. She's wearing the t-shirt. Grrr, I hate you. >___<

Happy news! Now, in addition to having an up and coming (I hope) website (I mean, I really hope. My excitement knows no bounds.) there is now a happy little Willard-fan community:


Can you tell how much I love that name? >__> Shhh... quit laughing and join me. By this evening it will be spiffy (I hope). Not much I can do while at school though. Hmm. Maybe I should try taking some graphic design classes. Since I seem to enjoy it so much as a hobby (despite the fact that I'm not all that good at it).

By the way, lulu... I am waiting with baited breath to find out whether the name "canislupus" frees up here on lj for the RPG.
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