April 4th, 2003



Crispin Glover is so sweet and slightly creepy. :D Favorite lines:

Interviewer: "Now at any moment during these emotional scenes with these small furry rodents did you ever pull yourself out of that moment and say 'I'm making love to a rat here?"
Crispin: No, no, no... I was definitely... they were good acting partners, really.

"I'm trying to think if I've ever been bitten by an actor."

Interviewer: I didn't realize that rat-catching was an art.
Crispin: Well, anything can be an art.

Amen, says the future art major. Amen.

I'm going to see Willard again very soon with Keely. I want to add some rats into my art homework (although I've been wanting to do that for nearly two years). I want a rat (though, again, I've wanted one for years).The ratpr0n has totally taken over my life.

And I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad thing.

*blows hair out of face* And you people! You're as bad at making decisions as I am! Split right down the middle on the icon issue (see last post). That does it. I'll just have to use one for a bit and then switch to the other one.
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