April 14th, 2003


Repeat ad nauseum...

Less than two months. Less than two months.

My debate practice is going to make people so maaaaa-aaaaad. Oooooooh. :D I love being me. No, wait. I don't. Never mind.

Haha. So, um... anyway. I did have something resembling news but don't anymore. Oh, right. C+ in Calculus. Cue glaring from daddy. *gets glared at* As well as for the B- in art and the B in N&A. Haha... ha. But we had a discussion about this, you see, after visiting CCAD. As he finally figures out that I will be happier in an environment that is more concentrated on what I love to do and not one that spreads its concentrations over a broad range of topics. Which is why he is no longer pressuring me to get a liberal arts education. Good for him, since I'd just fight that idea anyway. I get Bs in art because my main focus isn't art; it's English and Calc. I get Cs in Calc because I hate Calc. How productive is that? Not very.

Mrs. Costa gave me last night's episode of Six Feet Under. *does the happy dance of lurve* AND I have River's Edge and Back to the Future waiting for me at home. AND a contrelamontre challenge that interests me. And Crispin/Elijah to make my daydreaming complete. AND I spent last night reading HP slash.

AND I never have to go to play practice again. My afternoons are free. I hope you never find a live turtle in your soup.
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