April 15th, 2003


Some resources on marriage...

And abolishing the process of government involvement in marriage (i.e. byebye marriage licenses).

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"... who threw their watches off the roof to cast their ballot
for Eternity outside of Time, & alarm clocks
fell on their heads every day for the next decade..." - Allen Ginsburg, "Howl"
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And now to terrorize ALL OF YOU, MWAHAHA!

PH34R M3! *throws on superheo cape and strikes a pose* For I have now seen Back to the Future!

And Marty/George McFly is looking mighty tasty at the moment. Ah... I love the smell of incest in the morning. *deep breath* Er. Right.

That movie came out the year I was born. It is approximately 18 years old. So am I. Crispin Glover will be 39 on April 20th. He is approximately 21 years older than me.

My life is very boring. :D So I have plenty of time to calculate silly things like that.

And, if I remember correctly, April 20th is the anniversary of the Columbine shootings, Hitler's birthday, and our nation's unnofficial smokepotandgethigh day. It is also Austin's birthday, which I find funny. I wanted to tell him he had the same birthday as Crispin Glover. Instead, I told him he looked like a rabbit.

I also started writing a tentative Crispin/Elijah. *nervous* Collapse )
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