April 16th, 2003


Oooh, baby.

*love* Instead of going to Calc and English, I am watching River's Edge. Senior Skip Day, indeed.

And Crispin... oh my god. He's got on tight black jeans, tight white shirt, a black leather jacket, and black, fingerless gloves.

Black, fingerless gloves.

All of this, quite obviously, cancels out the mullet (which isn't all that bad anyway).
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That's interesting...

From here... and 1988 as well. Just to put it in context.

"Besides, in the age of AIDS, when most young male actors are trying to establish impeccably macho, more heterosexua l-than-thou credentials (viz Tom Cruise, Charlie Sheen, et cetera), Glover's sexually ambiguous characterizations take guts."

Um. Yeah. Exactly.
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Oops. Hehe. Hi, Keely. I... didn't think... that you would actually come here. Uh... If you are weirded out in any way, I totally understand. But, yes. *spreads arms* This is what I do with my spare time! Pretty pathetic, eh?

That's the trouble with telling real-life people that I have a website. You see, there is a slight danger that they will visit it. And that their perception of me will be forever changed. Sometimes for the better, but more often for the worse.

I'm protected a bit by the language barrier of internet and fandom slang. But I think some of the elements more disturbing and/or surprising to the layman (such as homoeroticim) are rather blatant. As Homer Simpson says, "I like my beer cold, my TV loud and my homosexuals flaming!"

In other words, yes I am a bit of an odd duck sexually and, yes, I have a wee bitty fascination with one of the stranger actors in Hollywood (among other things). Still love me?
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