April 22nd, 2003


P.S. I cannot shoot myself as I have no opposable thumbs.

I hate boys. It takes less than thirty seconds of being around asshole males and my love for girls is reinforced tenfold. Arrgh.

On the other hand, they provoked a Willard!Abuse fic idea. So... mmm. Silver lining or something.

And speaking of that, I want to give Kevin a kick sometimes. Just because his mother is a lesbian does not mean he has the authority to imply that all homosexuals share those damn fucking Democrat save the world beliefs.

Watching the second half of Willard. "Socrates, I can't find Scully." Hehe. Priceless. Wow. Lots more swearing in this early version.

Whoa! They sure changed that line. "You'll be so damn happy you won't wanna sue me... you'll wanna blow me!" *shakes head* The more I watch this movie, the more I think that Willard really was sexually abused by Mr. Martin and that it's not just my overactive imagination. That's... a little weird. When things fall into place so easily. It's a little like my self-mutilator Remus. To me... he just works that way. And it's even in the books, technically. I dunno. Sometimes I wonder why that hasn't been taken up more among Remus fans. Not that I want it to be, because I think the majority of people would butcher it. But I also half-heartedly want company in my characterization.
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Oh, and by the way...

Flame! :D


Simple and to the point. I congratulate you on your eloquence.

On the other hand, I also got this:

"HA! Sorry to disappoint you if you were expecting flames--I am utterly tickled by the existence of this story. Daring, cute, vivacious, and unexpectedly well-written. Just what this stagnant old fandom needs! Hope you and FT *are* in cahoots, you'd write a helluva fic together...

So how 'bout some Marty/Doc? ;)"

And I finally figured out who flaming trails is. Yay. She (ee?) writes sort of soppy and cute stories mostly concentrating on Marty and Doc's relationship. But they aren't slash. At least... I don't think they are. Good though. Hmm. Maybe I'll write a short Marty/Doc just to get the reactions. :D FUN! And I will write more Marty/George even if it kills me (the contrelamontre challenge this week is perfect for one of my ideas).
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