April 30th, 2003


Ugh. I feel icky.

I don't want to put on my other sock, put on my shoes, go downstairs, get in the car, drive to school, get out of the car, walk into the school, and begin the day.

Too much effort.

But I have to.


Watch me run to the nurse halfway through.
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Um... that probably wasn't smart.

I love how spring brings out the idiot in us all. Take these new people who live near us that I must technically call our "neighbors." I mean, call me crazy and all, but I wouldn't let my toddlers and young children play in an area that is, for all purposes, a parking lot. I don't care how tiny, how green, how concrete and not paved it is... I still park my car there and would rather not run over your small, oblivious children... not because I'd feel bad about hitting them, but because you might sue me. And that'd sure suck.

And then I just made pierogies. Or however you spell it. And now I never want to eat those damn things again. Ew. Microwavable food. Too many microwavable pierogies because there really isn't much food in our house besides cereal. And pierogies, obviously. Though not pierogies anymore. Because I ate them.

Note to self: Nurse Betty will be playing again on USA at 5:00 pm or something on Saturday. Tape it. Or at least watch it so you can cheer your unhappy self by watching Crispin be goofy.

Still sick and unhappy and I wish people would stop telling me all the mental disorders I have. >__< Lalala, not listening! Lalala, I'm not OCD! I just like it when things fit... into... little... boxes. Shut up.
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