May 1st, 2003


Um, yeah. Exactly.

I start working Saturday. I hate Six Flags already. Not drawing, but just the whole... park... thing. Paperwork, parking lot, security. Ugh. I like the people I work with... loud but fun. I just wish I was a better artist. I need to work on cartoon-y bodies. I need to work, period.

My body hurts. I'm not at school. Yesterday was awful. Mom thought the stuff about the pierogies was funny. I think I'd like some food that isn't Polish. I'm not Polish. What the fuck am I? Besides Croatian... >_> I have no clue what my father is or where my last name comes from. I only have this vague idea of territory. That bugs me. "He's from, like, somewhere over there." *waves arms*

There are several stories of mine that are getting reviewed a lot suddenly and I wish they weren't. Runaways (which is not finished and never will be... probably) and My Sexual Life (which, while somewhat well-written, was also written before I ever saw Trigun and thus is very much out of character).These stories are so old... I weep. Stop reading them.

I'm going to the doctor! Maybe I'll get well!

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I have bronchitis. >____< Sucksssssssssss.

I think Daddy feels a wee bit guilty, though. "Oh... you're... really sick. Um... whoops." Hehehe.
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I'm productive when I'm sick!

GIP! GIP! GIP! By the way, did I mention that I saw a guy at Dollywood whose nametag said GIP? I wanted to say "You know... your name is 'pig' spelled backwards." But I didn't. I bet he's heard it before.

I can make the word 'margin' out of my last name with no letters left out.

Anyway... I switched around most of my icons, including my default. This one is my most favorite, right next to the "Smack my bitch up" one.

Now I have an icon for my sick, twisted, depraved pairing! *waves her solitary George/Marty banner* Yay.
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