May 2nd, 2003



I do believe I have come to the conclusion that bronchitis is majorly uncool.

Oh. And people are nuts. Which was, I think, what I was originally going to say. Yeah. People are nuts. I don't understand them anymore. I feel oddly isolated. Like... I'm macademia and everyone else is cashews. So, I'm also a nut... but I'm a different kind of nut and therefore do not fit with everyone else.

That is a really weird way of trying to explain teenage isolation.

Ah, shit! English AP test is Monday. Monday!!! I doubt I'll do poorly, but ahhh... ahhh, we were supposed to do paperwork stuff today and instead I'm here coughing up a lung and sleeping! And ahh... I don't know where to go. ;___; Shh... calm down... no, no... ahhhhhhhh! Skeered. I want to curl up in a little ball and snivel. SNIVEL, I SAY! This stress combined with new job stress equals very bad stress indeed.

I need friends who don't hate me.
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