May 3rd, 2003


Snarf, I'm dumb.

Haha. So I woke up this morning all like "I have to be there at noon, must wash hair, put on wholesome uniform, blahblahblah..."

I was almost ready to leave when I decided to check the times and places I'd written down. Just in case.

I work 4-8 today, not 12-4. 12-4 is tomorrow.

So I've just been t00bing about, cursing whatever god made polo shirts and khaki pants. And trying not to be afraid. I AM NOT AFRAID! Yes. Fantastico.

I actually wrote a Faculty fic last night. I'm not really sure why. Those first two lines just popped into my head and were so ludicrous that I had to write it out, I suppose. I'm rather surprised it's being well-received, as it is so dippy. I'm not very good at writing humorous stuff; it usually comes off as oddly sarcastic. Dry, irreverent humor. I follow the David Sedaris school of humor... when you can't quite tell whether he's kidding or not.

Also was bitten by another George/Marty idea... more concrete and cuter than the one I'm currently working on, so it may just take precedence. It'll hopefully answer the question that struck me during the dance scene: "Where did George learn to kiss like that?" C'mon, you all know you were wondering it.

And then there's this:

"... who threw their watches off the roof to cast their ballot
for Eternity outside of Time, & alarm clocks
fell on their heads every day for the next decade..." - Allen Ginsburg, "Howl"

Which makes me think Marty/Doc, and I'm not sure I'm brave enough to write it yet. I don't even know how I would write it exactly. The idea is just there.

Along with a Murder By Numbers fic at some point. I feel bad for Richard and Justin... they get tossed around a little too much. And a Prophecy fic. And all those Willard ideas! And... and... Thin Man BDSM! And Crispin/Elijah and Elijah/Dan and... mmmph. Someday... arrgh.
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... ow.

My feet hurt.

It is very hard to draw with people looking over your shoulder.

I sold one drawing. It wasn't bad. It wasn't great either. I'll be at the busier booth tomorrow and maybe I'll do a bit better. Must conquer fears.

On a more important note, has anyone ever heard of a band called Transmission Ok and/or their song "Coward"? I was looking for that many months ago... now that I finally know the name, I can't find an mp3. Is it worth it to locate and buy the cd? Anybody know anything about this band?

"You're a coward, you're a liar, you should light yourself on fire. The world you know would love to see you burn."

Also... my birthday. 15 days. Juuuuuust saying. It's the weekend of the Pops concert at school, so I'm sure no one there will remember.
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