May 6th, 2003



Crispy has a girlfriend. Or, at least, did two months ago when he was on Howard Stern.

"Howard had a picture of Crispin's current girlfriend who was a Penthouse model. He said her name is Alexa Lauren. Crispin told Howard that they actually met at the Playboy mansion."

Well. I hope she's at least a smart Penthouse model. For Crispin's sake. Even if he is content with the pretty body. Although... why was a Penthouse model at the Playboy mansion? Heh.

Oh, and if we wanted to talk massively amazing (though not particularly practical) birthday presents, here's a great one: Autographed photo of Crispin from Back to the Future.

Though I'd like to have his books and his cd more. That's probably what I'll end up doing with some of my birthday and paycheck money. Along with tattoo... for which I'm still vaguely undecided as to what I'd like. *thinks* Kitty-cat holding a rat in its mouth by the tail with the words "Rat Catching" underneath? That'd be cute, actually, and fairly enduring with some slight fan-ish undertones.

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I'm afraid I've gone and done it again...

I wrote another Marty/George. And not even the kissy one I had planned! A completely different kissy one.

Taking Risks

It's sap. But at least it's fun sap. Right? Right.

*pokes at Thin Man BDSM bunny* You bad thing. Refusing to cooperate properly.

I won't say a thing about the AP Calc test on Thursday. Not. A. Thing.
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