May 9th, 2003

fuck you

... excuse me?

Gee, sorry. What'd I ever do to you?

>PLEASE, I'm not the high-all goddess of the site!

My, isn't that modest of you! Goodness. Funny how I'd never heard a thing about you before I started to like Back to the Future. And is a mighty big site.

>Respect my privacy and my stories.

*salutes* Will do, O High-All Goddess of the Site! Oh wait. You don't like to be called that. Anyway, it shouldn't be hard, seeing as how I've never actually finished one of your stories. As they were all overwritten, long-winded, and boring to me.

>(To wit, please don't associate me with slash authors)

Why not? We don't have cooties!

It's that last one that gets me. She doesn't know me at all, but is already displeased that someone insinuated (a very stupid someone, really) that we were "into cahoots." Honestly, child. Grow up. :P

That could apply to me as well. But I fully intend to never grow up, no matter what society says. Neener, neener, thppppp. And I just joined the BttF community here on lj. I was thinking I could introduce myself by saying, "Hi. You probably know me as the most hated/ostracized BttF fan on Yes, I am the author behind those Marty/George stories. All two of them. Haha." Good plan, eh?

Why, yes this is a public post. I'm beyond caring about flamewars and am just reveling in my right as a human being to be completely nasty about petty things.
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I want to die.

Not in an angsty "God, I hate my life!" sort of way, but in more of a hyperactive "Wow, I really don't want to be here at all."

And now I want to cry. But I'm not sad. Mildly irritated, I suppose. I'll go cry.

In other news:

Which X2 Character Are You?

Which I'm sure is far more interesting to most people.
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