May 22nd, 2003



Two more days! We shall overcome, yo.

Debate yesterday with Michael and Kevin went... surprisingly well, even though I'm a dumbass and neg probably won. I still referenced The Simpsons in my speech. It was great. And I was the only one who could be clearly understood. Because I just rule.

I got my medal for top ten. It's so cheap, which I find funny. XD And Super Senior edition of the school paper came out. Naturally, I look like a dork. At some point I'll go through wills and make a little list of what was left to me, directly and indirectly.

Am not finished with art project. Will be skinned alive. Oh well.

Did I mention I have two more days?

And Nightspore sent me his drawing of Willard that he did after reading Strychnine. So now I'm just sort of floating all happy-like and fancy-free. Whee.

The Kurty Loaf shall
Long live Kurty Loaf!

Of course, this frightened me at first...
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