May 23rd, 2003


Guess what?

In case you haven't heard, I now have my very own rat! His name is McFly. Yes... and he's white and tiny right now and ever so cute. Except that's he's sneezing an awful lot. *worries* I brought him to school today. It was fun, but he was definitely ready to come home by the end. Got a little overwhelmed.

Speaking of school... I have finished high school! I'll never go back for another formal class! And yet... I'm going back on Tuesday to practice the baccalaureate number with the choir. -__- So I'll probably bring some of my art stuff and do work the rest of the day. Or some of the rest of the day. What time does third period start? Uh... 9:21 or something? Yeah...

Work all weekend, but I don't know about Monday. Ugh. Not Monday, I hope.

I just watched Best in Show. Whee! Funny.

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