June 5th, 2003


Dear creative mind...

Stop being such a wussy. Cop-out. Bad mind that could only come up with REALLY BAD FORD/ARTHUR!!!!!11 go read pleasepleaseplease? Even mommy, yes, you should read it too as i think you would find it funny hahaha

Dear physical body... You have your meds again, now stop feeling so damned icky. As said ickiness contributes to lack of ideas and/or productivity, methinks. Also, feeling dizzy and vaguely nauseous all of the time is no fun, even if it is my own damn fault. So shut up.

My lips are now sore because the rat decided that they needed to be groomed. Repeatedly. Yeah, ew. Fingertips I can handle, but when he starts nibbling (and I do mean nibbling, not just licking) my face I'm afraid it is back into the cage he goes.

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