June 6th, 2003


For delivery or pick-up?

My father: *picks up the phone* Hello?
Guy: Hi, is this Papa John's?
My father: Um, no.
Guy: Well, I'd like to place an order.
My father: Look, you have the wrong number.
Guy: And I'd like mushrooms on that.
My father: *hangs up*

One wonders about some people...

Today I got new glasses. They're all little and thin ( >____< ) but they do have a sort of heavy black around the top and sides, with no actual frame on the bottoms. They're suitably "trendy". And, um... I had to get sunglasses too. Apparently I'm light sensitive. And they kept mentioning my eye color. O_o ? Okay, just because sunlight bugs me and I can't open my right eye when it's bright out... hmm. Anyway, they're blue. The glasses are. My eyes are green.

Then... I got pants. And we ate at the Olive Garden (good, but not Italy *snobs*) and saw Finding Nemo. Which had its moments. Also, I now own Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (videotape, on sale, CrispinCrispinCrispin) and the Hitchhiker's Guide miniseries DVD!!!!!1 OMG! Simon Jones and David Dixon, hehehe. Let us see what kind of candle the mental pictures can hold against Eric Stoltz and Hugh Laurie... *is a nerd*

Also, my dad bought Maurice and His blahblahblah Rodents. *SPOILER* Maurice is a cat.

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Just one of those days.

Oops, I never picked up that plaque for the art award from Mrs. A. Ah well. How necessary is it? I'll have to go back there eventually for yearbook, choir cd, bugging Sus, etc.

Just watched the HHGttG miniseries. All of it. In one sitting.

The world is very strange.

Working all weekend. Come to Six Flags, wander over by Mr. Hyde's Nasty Fall and get your caricature drawn by me! And then give me money. Because, once I start making actual money, they'll take me off of minimum wage and put me on commission.

Uma Thurman is really cute. *watches Even Cowgirls Get the Blues and waits for Crispin*
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Why do birds suddenly appear? Over there? Over here!

I just watched Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. My two halves have been thusly traumatized:

Half #1: Eww... eww... creepy... creepyscaryguy! Ah, no, badbadbad smokerman! Find an ashtray!
Half #2: ... OMFG!!!!!1 It's Crispy having wild monkeysexxxxxx... ehehehe!

And we find that neither of my halves have left the seventh grade. Good to know.

But really... this blue cowgirl movie... man, he reminded me of a real life creepyscaryguy I knew who was, last I heard, in prison for breaking and entering and attempted rape. So that's not very nice. But other than that... tiny Crispin part, giant thumbs, and lesbian cowgirls. What a movie.
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