June 16th, 2003


Aaaaaargh. Argh.

I hate my job. Snarf, snarf, snarf. Break was almost fun though, yesterday, because I actually went to the breakroom and Jon was there and we talked and then he left. Boo. So I started doodling on little pieces of paper in my purse and then suddenly all the art shop people flocked to my table and I don't know any of them! Ahh! They are such a clique. :D It's funny.

Um, and there is supposed to be a "drawing party" tonight. I'm not sure I want to go as I will be tired. As I always am. Haha, score. I need to get dressed, dammit. $93 yesterday and $80 Friday. I'm such a high seller. You know it.

And I love you but feel inadequately out of the loop and don't know what to do. Ow. Head hurtage. I'm going to be laaaaaaaaaaaaaate!
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