June 17th, 2003



For "The Best Spaceships Are Still the Green Ones":

"I did think that it was mildly slashy. Good discussion though. The only kind of fanfic I dislike more than slash is Mary-Sue. I am willing to forgive you for the slashiness since you made Ford so nice (I love Ford!). However, the slash can be eliminated by having Ford just hug Arthur. The dialogue wouldn't have to change much, and Arthur would still be surprised. Otherwise, great fic."

Uh, gosh. I guess I hadn't known that I'd be writing this to please you and only you.

And if you don't like slash or Mary-Sues, then what the hell kind of fanfiction do you read? Yeesh. Sad to say, but that's most of online literature, isn't it?

There are some seriously odd people on that site.
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