June 22nd, 2003


*konks out*

My eyes have been so candied I simply can't take it anymore. But, oh, MatrixMatrixMatrix. Okay, does anyone want to write Neo/The Merovingian? Am I the only one madly in love with Mr. Snooty French Man? I mean, damn. He could be so icky and evil. Don't get me wrong, I actually like Trinity and Neo, but the sap was on full blast during that movie and I just got a little sick of it.

I just have to pick the characters that there aren't real fangirls for, don't I? Everyone gets stuck on the Twins and I'm all "MerovingianMerovingianMerovingian." Which is a little sad, because it's kind of hard to say over and over.

And OMG SQUUUEEEEE! Trinity on a motorcycle in all black leather and yes. Mmm, powerful, forceful women. So damn pretty.

You don't go to see the Matrix for plot you can understand, mmkay people? You go for FIGHT SCENES AND KEANU REEVES IN A DRESS!!!!11 Or Keanu bare-ass naked, whichever floats your boat.

Oh, and I also finally finished a Thin Man/Eric Knox story, though not the really good one.
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