June 23rd, 2003



thin man
Thin Man (Charlies Angels)

Which Crispin Glover character are you?
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Gabriel! Heeheehee! The Loner! *gasp* I've been listening to Everclear a lot again lately and I realized that "Misery Whip" is a great Loner-ish song. Must tell Nightspore.

By the way, for those who are like WTF? Don't we have any male slash writers??? (a'la Miss Matthew Haldeman-Time) Nightspore is most definitely male. And his fanfics are AWESOME. But fairly concentrated on the Crispin Glover spectrum. :D WHEEEE!!!

I now have HP #5. Gotten for $10! Because po' kollege stoodents rule. But I don't really want to read it. I just want to absorb the plot. No effort.

Made $223 (!!!) yesterday and somewhere around $87 today. Eh. Pity I won't be seeing the Main Stand ever again. Had a fun day with Emelia, though, who is very cool and one of the few people there I feel like I can keep up a conversation with. Though I'm not sure I spelled her name right.

"BATMAN SAVED THE WORLD!" And we saw gay men today and it was cute but weird. Heh. COME TO SIX FLAGS AND FEED ME MONEY, YO!!!!!1
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