August 6th, 2003


I'm a bad girl...

"What about Justin?"
"Leave him to me..."
- From The Secret of NIMH, Sullivan and Jenner.

Is it bad that I find that... um, slashy!sexy and violent? Justin/Jenner. Mmmm, nummy. I just wish I had an actual idea for the two if them. >__< I had plenty of ideas when I was, like, four.

Not at work for the fourth day in a row. I wonder if I'm fired yet? I suppose I'll actually have to go in tomorrow and check. I'm still sort of mucous-y from the bronchitis and the antibiotics I'm taking make me even more light-sensitive than usual and I'm supposed to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. -___- And I work outside at a theme park. Brilliant, no?

Hmm... whaddya know? Justin is smaller than Jenner. And if the swords are phallic and the final thrusts of the swords are metaphors for penetration... *grins* This is why swordfights are sexy, yo. But I wonder how rats made such tiny weapons... maybe they have their own little forge?

Justin pulling back Mrs. Brisby still = Remus pulling Harry back from the spoiler-thingy.
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