August 11th, 2003


So... anyway...

I went to work and it was kind of boring and I was tired and I had a lousy selling day. PLUS, I am now an interesting shade of pink, despite best efforts of sunscreen and umbrella, due to the medication which pretty much zaps what few defences I have 'gainst the bloody sun.

I can't sleep, though I'd like to.

"I am a losergeek, crazy with an evil streak." Haha, and there we have the Everclear lyric that pretty much sums up my personality.

I wish the little pornography bunnies in my head would just write themselves. Marty/George (all the Marty/George), Thin Man/Eric Knox/Seamus O'Grady, Natalie/Madison (you knew it was there, hahaha), ummmm... Willard/Socrates... :D Okay, I think that's all the porn that my mind has been vomiting out. However, were I to actually write all of that it would be... six stories or so? Plus I've got four starts of non-porny things.

And then there's this PotC... thing:

Collapse )

Wish that had someplace to go.

I just want the stupid ideas to get out before I forget them.
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