September 8th, 2003



Computer fundamentals is the easiest fookin' thing in the whole wide world. Like, seriously. My Wacom tablet and my version of Painter are better than theirs. I almost want to be like, "Yeah, I'll work on it back at the dorm where my equipment doesn't suck." Plus we had to go through the standard "This is how you save, this is how you blah." Boring. I wrote a whole letter to Keely and replied to comments like a good girl. I think the teacher doesn't like me now. I drew a Muraki in Painter while she was talking and saved it to my zip disk with no trouble. :D *bitch*

Off to structural drawing soon! After a tuna sandwich! JOY!

*whines* Yami no Matsuei... get out of my head...

The rebel girl
The rebel chick

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