September 18th, 2003


"For one who loved not wisely but too well"

I want my tummy to quit hurting without me having to put food in it. >_< I've dropped a few pounds, actually, since moving. I think.

I finally have a comic idea! It involves albinos and circus freaks and boylove... so basically I'm catering to Nightspore and I'm sure he doesn't mind a bit.

Uh... Oh man, I think I'm getting a crush on my 2D design teacher. Yeah, the one I was originally pissed at for treating me like I was stupid. Obviously, the attitude has changed. Maybe walking up behind him while he was bent over and the tail end of his shirt had pulled up just enough to expose the small of his back did most of the work to change my mind. *twinkly eyes* Sigh...

Congrats, you're Natalie!
Natalie Cook! You are highly intelligent and kind.
Sometimes you don't realise that you look like
a super model and you're a bit naive but that's
ok. You are a fun loving person and you will
never give up, you are the scientific angel, go

Which of Charlie's Angels are you? ( with pics ! )
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*snort* I wish I looked like a supermodel.
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