September 24th, 2003


You think I'm pushing myself a leeeeeetle too hard?

I now know the meaning of "almost passed out."

I couldn't eat anything because I hadn't eaten anything... a viscious cycle indeed. Anyway, I actually worked with POWER TOOLS while lightheaded and nauseous form lack of food and sleep and with shaking hands from the addition of too much caffeine. I still have all my fingers. Go me. But I basically waited until everyone had gone from my history class before staggering out of the room.

Also, still having trouble breathing and I doubt inhalation of sawdust is any good for me. Debating looking into hospital tomorrow. We don't have a clinic here; you just go straight to the hospital. But I definitely need something more for my respiratory system.

During history she asked me a question about the Trojan War and I just sat there like "duh...?" I don't know why she thought I knew the answer. I sort of did, but that isn't the point. When you only know two names (Helen and Agammemnon) all you can really do is repeat them...
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