October 1st, 2003



I am slowly drowning in a sea of STUFF. Not only stuff to do, but material stuff that just keeps piling up in my living area.

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*falls over*


There are several things that I was contemplating whining about. But I think I may have forgotten them. Wait... they are coming back to me...

A) I want Monstrous Regiment! *cries* And my daddy already has it, damn him! BUT HE STILL HASN'T FINISHED WITH MY COPY OF GOOD OMENS! Arrr. And all these people are going to Pterry book-signings and fun stuff and I'm like "WTF?! DAMMIT!" *snivel* And I want Good Omens back so I can make other people read it and have company in my Aziraphale/Crowley fun...

B) I have now seen all of the Saiyuki episodes that have been commercially released. *grins* "Hey, that thing is for hitting people with, not for throwing!" Man, Sanzo rules. I wish I had no conscience so I could hit people indiscriminately too. (Which is probably a good indicator of why I seem to give off Hakkai vibes... well, that and the psycho-thing. Still am the Sanzo of the room 303, so that's all good.) Oh, and I skimmed a scanalation of part of the Reload manga and... hahaha... "A fake Sanzo... that we can HURT!!" "... Sanzo's in danger!!" "We must go to him. "C'mon then! What are we still hanging around here for?" "Back to the inn!" "YEAH!" "Ah... the wonders of motivation... you don't suppose it's written all over our faces?" XD LET'S ALL HURT SANZO! But it ends with a positive message that made me go 'awww!' at five in the morning.

C) On a similar note, I must gush all over Doctor Nii, and be very unhappy that I can't find any fanstuff for him. Because... BUNNY! And... and... neck-cricking! And skinny, pansy-ass mad scientist who could do oh-so-many fun things...! And, naturally, I must sing the praises of this picture. I'm thinking I need to make a button that says "Mad Scientists and Evil Geniuses Are Dead Sexy" with little pictures of Nii, Muraki, Professor Tomoe (Sailor Moon) ... uh... Rupert Everett as Dr. Claw...? I'm drawing a blank. Someone gimme more...?

D) ADD-boy in my classes may have a crush on me. Investigation pending... >_>
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