October 18th, 2003


I am Darth Vader!

"I run the Death Star!"
"What's the Death Star?"
"... you're Mr. Stevens?"

Eddie Izzard = mad as a hatter/genius. Indeed. I am still enjoying the Circle dvd immensely, despite it's rather unsatisfactory length (after Dress to Kill, I suppose I feel a little cheated).

It's really weird to read other people's opinions of Eddie... like... well, mostly the not so flattering ones. Because, okay, the first time I watched Circle I was like "God, he seems sort of tired." He seemed to be missing some crucial manic energy. But now that I've gone through it three times, I think it's still there... it's just been 'subsumed' a bit. ;P Well, anyway... I think his material in Circle is as good as Dress to Kill's... it's just got a more developed style to it. A little less vulgar and a little more intelligent.

But really... really... I don't laugh out loud at stand up comedians, generally. But, oh, I laugh at Eddie. Sometimes I turn on Comedy Central, you know... watch the American stand up... it's crap. It just is. Poor Mr. Izzard... I get the feeling that he likes America, he truly does... he just can't stand Americans. Though his American accent has improved since D2K.

In a completely unrelated note of sort-of interest... I was going through ljmatch.com and decided to take the normal test again. I found this question that I'd forgotten about:

You're on the highway in heavy traffic. Which driving style most closely resembles yours?

Then one of the two answers is this:

"See, I have this system, and if everyone followed it we'd all get there quicker..."

That is very much me... it just makes me laugh... here, have an image: me sitting in traffic formulating little football style plays in my head. Because I do. Collapse )
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"We want the Earth!"

"When do we want it?"

Just some more Eddie wisdom. Because I'd like the Earth. Oh, and according to the Lion King dvd, I'm Scar. Y'know, they told me this like it was a bad thing or something. *shrugs*

And I saw the special edition Lion King Disney Adventures and the page I flipped to had a thing about the voice actors (with caricatures, no less!) and I was like "OH, THEY HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT JEREMY, DON'T THEY????"

No. Apparently not. Apparently British actors are uninteresting and villains are nothing. When all they do is, oh, move the plot along, look super cool, and make the rather bland hero/ine look heroic!!! Dear Disney, your villains are always cool and your main characters suck.

Oh well. Damn, I feel really unpopular lately. Not that I was ever popular in the first place... ah well. My cat ignores me and... so shall everyone else.
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