October 21st, 2003


Okay. So...

That's one way to get attention/make people mad at you... politics! Oh, why didn't I see it before? The sheer possibilities!

Just to clear something up: I don't hate Democrats... no, no, no. I hate EVERYBODY. I am an equal opportunity hater. But, seriously, if you're a Democrat... that's okay. I don't really think you're an idiot or anything (I know it usually comes across that way... I get frustrated). Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. But, like Christianity, I tend to miss the actual point of the whole thing. (And I am so not coherent enough right now to type out an actual response to people who commented... I'll get there. Obviously, it's a favorite subject.)

And here I thought I was feeling cynical last night.

My uterus cannot make up its mind about what it's doing. Room inspections are Thursday, which means I have a side to clean and a rat to hide. I'm far away from all the people I really love (what, all three of them? Spread out in a little Kent, Pittsburgh, Maryland triangle) and... and he made fun of my structural drawing project instead of critiquing it! Stupidhead. I'm very proud of one kid in my class though... he knew it was the Delorean from Back to the Future... I wanted to hug him...

Speaking of people I want to hug... uh, you. Last night... very nice. I like being able to be thoughtful on AIM as well as silly. I don't know, really. I'm in a giddy/lovey/hormonal sort of mood right now. But happy, truthfully...

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I'm going to hold back on some of the sap, in fact... it's getting to be a little more than feels comfortable for me. It's cracking that 'tough'-ish exterior. Shh! Don't tell, but I'm really a kitten and not a lion! (In fact, a very affectionate kitten. For the right person.)
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