December 5th, 2003

just like me

OMG, this is the best thing ever!!!

I'm so very in love with this site that I want to have its babies except not.

Like this. How can you not love it?

Why would a woman want to be somebody who hates women, which would include herself? If such a thing exists, and I'm sure it does in some cases, it would be the result of the woman internalizing the negative messages about women in our society, or it could be the result of abusive treatment from another individual, or, most likely, a combination of both.

Okay, no. I hate women because I hate pretty much any group en masse, which includes women. That feminists seem to consider women 'special interest' makes me hate them and the rest of my gender even more. Okay. So maybe women aren't considered equal to men. What if--and I know this is very un-PC; try to keep breathing--there's a good reason for that? I'm just asking. Do I think I should be treated equally because I'm a woman and that makes me no different from a man? Er... what? It makes no sense. I expect to be listened to, to a certain extent, and I would appreciate being judged on my talents or performance. And I don't give a shit whether it's my artwork or how well I suck cock. I mean, I think I'm better than or equal to some men, but all men? Nope. Anyway, I'm better than or equal to plenty of women too. Womenkind doesn't deserve some sort of pedestal, even an equal one. No 'kind' deserves that. Remember, a mob is only as smart as the IQ of its stupidest member divided by the number of people in the mob.

And you know how the Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal? Note that it does only say 'created.' It doesn't say anthing about everyone continuing to be equal after they leave the womb.

Okay, I'm going to stop now... otherwise, I'll be up all night.
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So, ghostgecko survived the trip to Ohio, despite the snow most everyone knows has come to the northeastern edge of America. Um. Yeah. So, yay, no one's dead. Everyone is contented, I suppose.

So, I got to see my new rattie, JJ. He's very cute. :D :D :D Also, I apparently also get a nice two "story" wire cage... I forsee happy rats. Not going to move McFly in until I actually get JJ. I think that's the safest bet.

Also got a rattie netsuke carving and a big stuffed panther from... um... my panther. So, thank you very much, ghostgecko. :D Made me feel bad though for not having good presents to give back. >_< That Willard shirt needs to get here... grr.

Anyway, um, went and saw Master and Commander. He liked it. I liked it too, but that's sort of "duh..." and yeah.

So all is good, except we're trying to learn that you only hit/clap boys on the back. >__> You pet girls. Because I'm oh-so delicate, yo. I even wore a skirt and tights and things today, doing my best to look halfway cleaned up. Not that it got noticed, but I felt sort of good about myself. For awhile. Whatever.

Now I sort of want to cry, which I guess would be thanks to the adrenaline letdown or something. I don't know.

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