December 6th, 2003


Finally! Some bitching with a point!

But first, a little tidbit:

Imposing your own moral standards on others is close-minded, and to demand the destruction of others who are different than yourself is unacceptably intolerant.

OMG! It's not as if our government (Democrats and Republicans alike) doesn't do that already! For they are pure and holy, like monks or Catholic priests. (And people still think I'm the embodiment of all evil and want to get rid of me. They don't even listen! Not one bit! Sob.)

Okay, actually... this happened awhile ago, but it got me feeling mean with a purpose. So, naturally, that makes it important. Also, it includes some of what I would call decent explanation of my political philosophy. I'm still proud of much of what I wrote. A note to most of my friends list...? This post has to do with gay rights and has a certain anti-Democrat flavor. I don't think most of you are going to agree with me. For whatever reason/s. But before calling me a heartless bitch, could you at least read eveything I wrote and make an effort to understand? I don't give a shit if you actually agree with me. And if you're going to argue, at least make it intelligent.

This all began long long ago simmysim's journal (and I'm still sorry about it... caught in the crossfire, eh?) where I made a comment supporting the concept of "please stop Republican-bashing" and expressed my distaste with the Massachusetts ruling and how it was being received. Big mistake! Haha, dumb me. So, anyway, this person that I don't know... but who certainly does feel justified in moseying on in... responds. Basically, I think you can read that whole thread and see exactly what's wrong with how the gay rights movement is being handled and what I have against it. You can also see, I think, a certain emotional ignorance on how a debate/discussion is handled. There are several core rules: 1)The person who remains calm is the person who seems more rational, 2) An attack upon a political argument is not an attack upon a certain person or group of persons, and 3) To appear credible, you ought to be able to understand your opponent's argument. The more worked up she becomes, the more in control I feel. I'm angry too, of course, because she is deliberately skewing what I say to suit something that she already knows that she hates... the problem is that what she's angry and self-righteous about isn't my point.

And then, of course, she posts about it in her journal (public, no less) because naturally that is her domain where she can say whatever she likes. Granted, I have no real issues with that, except that I keep being referred to as if I'm some sort of ogre and she simply can't believe how anyone like me could exist. Woe. Also, she puts stuff in quotations that I never actually said. So, you know. I go in and set the record straight (no pun intended). Well, not quite. I was just so proud of that giant double comment.

So, as people do when they have been sorely gutted, or when they know that some sort of reply would make things worse for them (and god forbid that they ever, EVER admit that maybe they were wrong to imply that you are the mean-spirited bitch that you aren't), she rises above the fray! Isn't it sad that she doesn't care enough about me to try to persuade me to her side of view, which is clearly the only right one?

Bottom line: I know people disagree with me. I don't expect to change your minds. I'd appreciate it if people would consider the implications and ideals of libertarianism (and, trust me, I've considered the Democrats... I used to identify with them) because it's a party that you won't come across everyday on tv or in the news. It's a whole new set of ideas for some people. In debate, there would always be two choices: right and left, yes or no. And I'd always say, "Well, why can't we do it this third way?" I know it makes people upset. It confuses people. This is a good thing. If I can do nothing else in my life, I want to rile people up a little and make 'em hate me.

Note: yes, I am self-centered. And I'm as self-righteous as she is, just in a different way. Not that I'm proud or anything. Also, this post is really for my own reference. Except that I made it so that other people can see it. :D Because isn't that what blogging is really all about? Voyeurism! ... and insomnia! And still being in a bad mood for no reason!
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Against all logic...

I'm feeling nostaligic. *__* So I'm listening to other people sing Buddy Holly's songs and slowly remembering the words. Le sigh.

For anyone who doesn't know, in the sixth grade my concepts of cool were 1) The X Files and coming in a close 2) Buddy Holly. That is to say, I had a friend who was obsessed with Buddy to the point of it being annoying. Except that Buddy actually is cool. He sang good songs. It's sad that he died. There was something in the paper about a Buddy memorial concert tonight. They said tickets sold out in six minutes. *frown* I'm glad people are going and all (and hopefully they're going in part because they liked Buddy) but if I had known about it, I would have liked to go too! And I wouldn't have been able to get tickets! *sob*

And Buddy may have died in February, but I want to say a hearty "Rest in Piece" to Charles Harden Holley, our favorite Cricket.
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