December 11th, 2003

bitch please


I managed to try my hand at Re-animator fic. It's here. Go try it. It tastes like chocolate and cures cancer.

Boo. Boys next door are stupid, as it is not reassuring to have some guy call, "Heee-eeeey" at you at 12:30 in the morning.

Oh, and someone on Blurty personals wants to see me naked. I'm torn between being flattered and thinking "Oh, no you don't..."
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Things to do...

- Go to the grocery store
- Go to the post office
- Get gas
- Stab self in the face, for my life is just that boring


-Buy the Re-animator dvd
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fuck me up!


OMG, it is Thursday! I am sooooo out of it.

I want ghostgecko back. Grr on real life. GRR! Grr, I say, grr! I've been sleeping with the big stuffed panther he gave me... and when I say 'sleeping with,' I mean that I'm pretty sure that stufftie is no longer completely innocent. I mean... uh... I just seem to have that effect on people. And stuffed toys.

So... I need a new journal layout. There's always the Dr. Nii layout that I started, I guess. But I don't really want that because it means I have to do work. Uh... I'm trying to think what else would make an interesting fannish layout that I could conceivably do without too much trouble. I'd like a Re-animator layout, but I don't think I can find pictures big enough to do that. I do have Willard pictures that are big enough, but I'm not sure what I'd do with them. *thinks* Little rattie mood icons? Errr... *sux0rz*

I'm still trying to figure this out:

Me: *staring at a commercial for Kay Jewelers or something* Hmm. I'd never want a wedding ring like that.
Him: Good, because I can't afford it.

... uh. (I like cheese. Support the quixotic movement!)
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